What are the differences between Japanese and Korean menus?

What are some of the differences in menus between Japanese (Korean) and Korean (Japanese) restaurants?

If you’re new to Korean cuisine, there’s no shortage of options to choose from, but what is there to know before you make your next dining foray?

This article aims to shed some light on the differences and provide a guide to what to expect when you visit your next Korean restaurant.

If you’ve been reading this article for some time, you’re likely already familiar with the most common Korean menus, but there’s a lot more to learn, so here’s a quick introduction to each.

Key differences between Korean and Japanese menus 1.

Japanese menus are generally longer than Korean menus 2.

Korean menus are usually longer than Japanese menus 3.

Japanese and Japanese-style sushi are typically served at a more premium level 4.

Japanese sushi is usually served with rice and vegetables rather than noodles 5.

The price of Korean and Korean-style Japanese sushi are similar 6.

Japanese-Style sushi is served in Japanese style glasses and a wooden board 7.

Korean-Style Japanese is served with a wooden spoon 8.

Korean sushi is commonly served in a bowl with a rice bowl 9.

Korean restaurants serve both vegetarian and vegan options 10.

Korean restaurant options usually have multiple dishes, and many have multiple plates 11.

Japanese restaurants serve a number of dishes, including sushi, ramen, fried rice, salad, chicken noodle soup, or more 12.

Korean desserts are usually served at the end of the meal, whereas Japanese desserts usually end at the beginning of the dining experience 13.

Japanese cuisine is often served at lunch or dinner, whereas Korean restaurants usually serve a dinner buffet 14.

Korean food can be eaten at home and away from home, whereas Asian food can only be eaten on the weekends and holidays 15.

Japanese food can take about 10 to 20 minutes to prepare, whereas most Korean restaurants require an extra 10 to 15 minutes to make 16.

The Korean dishes are usually cooked in a more natural way, whereas many of the Japanese dishes are cooked to order.


Japanese restaurant dishes usually use a combination of vegetables, proteins, and sauces, whereas some of Korean dishes use only meat 18.

Korean dishes often use ingredients from different parts of the world rather than relying on imported ingredients 19.

Korean and Asian dishes are often served together, whereas Chinese dishes are typically eaten together 20.

Korean is the official language of Korea, whereas English is the dominant language in Japan.

The Japanese version of the list is the only one that includes all the Korean menus.

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