Why is this video on YouTube?

In an age of the viral, YouTube has an opportunity to make its video a bit more unique.

YouTube has the potential to be the hub of the next generation of content creators, especially with the introduction of an app that will allow users to create their own content, as well as stream their creations to other users.

The app is called YouTube Creator and will be launched in the coming weeks.

It will allow creators to create videos, which will then be shared on the platform.

YouTube will then pay creators to post content to their channel and the videos will be viewable by a global audience of millions of people.

In addition to creating video content, YouTube creators can upload their creations, including short videos, to YouTube.

This is a way for creators to monetize their creations.

If YouTube Creator goes live, creators will be able to upload their videos to their channels and the YouTube content will then become viewable to a global crowd.

This will be a way to attract new creators to the platform, especially if the platform is used as a platform for advertising. 

It’s a huge deal for creators who want to make money from their videos, especially since they can now monetize it through the app.

In an age where people are using smartphones for their content creation, YouTube could also prove to be an interesting new revenue stream for the platform as it could potentially grow as a video platform.

While there are a lot of questions about YouTube Creator, we have seen a lot on the app recently, including the fact that users can share their creations without having to log into the YouTube app.

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