‘Ai Youngboy’ video: ‘If I’m not allowed to work, I’m going to kill myself’

Ai YoungBoy, the 23-year-old Australian actor and comedian who is the face of Australia’s controversial A$1,500 a week A$500 a day immigration visa scheme, is among a group of young men and women being questioned by Australian immigration officials about whether they pose a risk to public safety.

He has since been released on bail and has been banned from Australia.

The Australian government has since announced a ban on the A$100,000 A$200,000 (AU$225,000) visa-free scheme.

Australian immigration minister Scott Morrison said on Thursday that his government was “not looking to restrict A$250,000 visas for any individuals”.’

Ai is a real man’: A$2,500 for a photoAi was detained by Australian police in Sydney on Thursday after they seized his passport from him in a bid to check whether he was a threat to the public.

He told reporters that he had never intended to do anything illegal, but was simply trying to get the job he loves.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been in trouble with the law,” he said.

“I’m a real guy, so I don’t really care what I’m doing.

Ai, who is known online for being a strong supporter of his father, told reporters he was surprised by the Australian government’s decision to question him about his immigration status.””

So I can go and do whatever I want.”

Ai, who is known online for being a strong supporter of his father, told reporters he was surprised by the Australian government’s decision to question him about his immigration status.

“Ai doesn’t have a criminal record, he doesn’t think he’s going to get caught up in this thing, so he’s just a guy that wants to get in, so it’s good to see that they’re getting serious about it,” he told ABC radio.

“The Australian government should have taken more time and they should have said, ‘Well, we’ve got this, this is the kind of situation we’re dealing with’.”

The other part of the reason why I think they’re taking this action is because I’ve got a young brother, I’ve been living here for a while now.

“He is a really strong guy, he’s got a job and I have nothing to worry about, so they can see I’m just a normal kid who’s doing what I love.”‘

Ain’t going to be deported’: Australian immigration spokesman ‘not going to send me home’The A$700,000 visa scheme was introduced in 2015 under which A$300,000 of the A100,100 (AU $400,000), A$120,000 ($150,000).

The scheme was extended to include people from Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia.

Australia’s Immigration Minister Scott Morrison told ABC Radio on Thursday: “We have a zero tolerance approach to people who are not properly vetted.”

“We’ve got an immigration system that’s run by the government, we have a system that is in place that has to meet the standards of the community.”‘

We’re going to have a lot of trouble’The Minister said the government was considering the A1 visa, which allows for the entry of up to 10 family members of Australians and people from outside the country, but did not say whether that would be expanded to other countries.

“We’re also going to look at a number of other programs that will help people get visas,” Morrison said.

“There’s some people in Australia who have been working in Australia for years and years, they’ve got good jobs, they’re doing the right things and we’re going at this with a big, broad-based effort.”

That’s why we’ve set up this visa program, because we’ve been working for some time to get people through the immigration system.

“And so we’re looking at that program and the others we’ve established to help people.”

Morrison said it would be up to the Australian Government to decide whether it wanted to extend the program, which was originally created to help refugees.

It’ll be up the government to decide how much of this is going to apply and how much should be taken out of the system.”

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