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NVIDIA has a new AI technology that’s helping to drive the growth of AI applications in gaming, robotics and other areas.

Nvidia’s AI division said on Wednesday that it’s developing AI applications for use in video games, augmented reality, 3D printing and medical diagnostics.

The company’s AI technology is designed to learn from its users, and be able to perform more complex tasks, said Nvidia’s head of AI research, David Tepper.

The division is also helping to build a “deep learning” AI platform that is able to identify, understand and apply artificial intelligence techniques.

The AI platform, which will also be called “Neural Network AI,” is designed for applications in AI, gaming and robotics, said Tepper, who is the group’s chief technology officer.

The group’s research team, which includes Stanford University’s David Lipsky and the University of California, Berkeley’s David Levy, will be working with the AI research group at Nvidia’s Palo Alto, California, research center, he said.

Nvidia will work with companies including IBM and Microsoft to build AI-powered robots for robotics and medical applications, said Lipski.

AI applications will be developed using Nvidia’s deep learning and neural network technology, he added.

AI is the next big thing for the world.

It’s about getting computers to do a lot of things faster and smarter than they can now, said NVIDIA co-founder and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang.

Nvidia is also investing heavily in artificial intelligence research at its Research Institute for AI, or RIBI, which it established in 2011.

Nvidia Research Institute co-founders David Levy and David Linsley, shown here at the 2017 Nvidia Developer Conference, plan to collaborate with researchers from the AI, games and robotics industries to build “deep neural networks,” a type of neural network that learns from data, said David Teeter, Nvidia’s vice president of AI, Research and Development.

The RIBI will also create a research program called the AI Vision Project to develop the technology for machine vision and image recognition.

The research will take AI to new heights, Teeter said.

“In the next five to 10 years, we think deep neural networks will be able … to recognize objects, read text and understand images in ways we’ve never even imagined before,” he said, referring to the deep learning technology used to read text in the 2016 movie “The Martian.”

AI will play a key role in driving the development of robotics and artificial intelligence, Tepper said.

Artificial intelligence is expected to become the main technology in many industries by 2020, with the number of jobs in robotics and AI predicted to double over the next decade.

The industry is expected by 2020 to employ about 3 million people worldwide, according to the World Economic Forum.

Nvidia CEO Jen Amati.

Credit: NVIDIA

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