How ‘autonomous’ car could be the next big thing

In an era when Google has launched self-driving cars and Tesla is building self-parking services for the masses, autonomous cars are on the horizon.

As the market for cars is so saturated, a carmaker could become the next dominant player.

The key question, however, is how much autonomy will be required to meet the new standards for safe driving?

With the potential for driverless cars to be a major shift in how we live our lives, and the technology already in use on the roads, there’s a lot riding on the outcome of these autonomous car trials.

A recent survey by the International Automobile Manufacturers Association (IAM) found that autonomous vehicles are poised to become the most important new technology in the next decade.

It found that by 2020, autonomous vehicles will be used on more than 70 percent of U.S. roads.

The market is already seeing a surge in demand for autonomous vehicles, as they become the primary means of transportation.

This is a trend that will continue in the near future, as more automakers get on board with autonomous vehicles.

With the technology available today, it’s clear that the technology is here to stay.

But how will autonomous vehicles achieve safe driving levels in the long term?

This is where we’ll start to find out.

How safe is autonomous driving?

According to a recent study by the U.K.-based firm Vision Research, there is no evidence that autonomous driving is more dangerous than driving without a human driver.

Vision Research said that the study focused on driverless technology, not road traffic and pedestrian safety.

The firm’s report, titled Safety in the Future: Driverless Cars and Roadways, was conducted in 2020 and considered the safest way to measure autonomous driving levels.

The study looked at how well the vehicles could be controlled in the event of an accident or incident.

Vision researchers said that a driverless vehicle would be less likely to be involved in an accident than a human driven vehicle.

This was in line with a recent report from the World Economic Forum, which found that driverless vehicles could significantly reduce the number of fatal road traffic accidents.

The institute also found that a study in the U,K.

found that drivers were more likely to avoid crashes when the driverless car was equipped with a collision warning system, as compared to a human.

In terms of road safety, Vision Research found that the vehicles are safer than any other form of transportation and that there are no major safety concerns.

However, there are still safety concerns when it comes to road conditions.

For instance, a human driving a car in a crash is much more likely than a driver driving a vehicle in a semi-trailer.

In order to improve the safety of the roads in the future, Vision research said that autonomous cars need to be capable of being driven safely by a human in the most difficult conditions.

There are many safety concerns with the autonomous car, including high speed, high fuel consumption and the lack of a lane separation.

In the U., the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has issued a report that recommends that all autonomous vehicles be equipped with radar and cameras, which will allow the cars to pass through intersections safely.

Additionally, the NHTSA recommended that autonomous systems should be able to communicate with the driver in a way that allows them to communicate more clearly, including through the vehicle’s horn.

This would allow the driver to take the wheel if he or she feels the vehicle is being inoperable.

The report also recommended that all vehicles be able do lane-change detection and braking, and should be capable to detect if a lane change has taken place.

This will help prevent accidents that could happen during a lane changing.

Autonomous vehicles could also be equipped to warn drivers of impending lane changes.

This could help the driver stop at a red light and avoid a collision.

However that won’t be possible with a driver who’s not paying attention to the road ahead, because the systems are only capable of detecting lane changes when the vehicle approaches a red or amber light.

In addition to safety, there will also be a need for a human operator to maintain the vehicle.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has recommended that a human should be in charge of the vehicle while it’s in motion, and also that the driver should be responsible for the brakes.

However in order to do this, a driver would need to have an advanced driving simulator.

While there is nothing stopping a human from driving an autonomous vehicle, the vehicle will still need to make decisions about its position on the road and the amount of time it takes to reach a destination.

If autonomous vehicles have their own operating systems, it will become much more difficult for the human to keep the vehicle in control.

In fact, it could even become a liability if the human has a bad day.

This makes autonomous vehicles a potentially very expensive and risky proposition.

How will autonomous cars be regulated?

The question of whether autonomous vehicles should be regulated is one that many will ask. As we’ve

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