What happens when the Italian gods decide to play the lottery?

The Italians have a knack for drawing a line under everything, and they’ve done it by choosing to ignore it.

It’s why the likes of Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Tom Hardy have all played their cards close to their chest, while Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt have stayed out of the spotlight altogether.

Now, thanks to a newly published report by Forbes, it seems that the Italian god of fortune has decided to take a step back and take a look at the world a bit closer. 

The Forbes article details the results of a survey conducted by Italy’s leading economic and financial think tank CEPSI that showed that 76% of Italian people think it is impossible for the country to reach the goal of becoming a member of the Eurozone, despite the fact that the country’s GDP has grown by around 7% per annum since the end of 2011.

The same study also found that 51% of Italians think the Euro would be better off if Italy were to join the single currency, while 56% said it would be worse.

According to the report, Italy’s public support for joining the Euro was the second highest in the EU behind only Greece.

And the poll revealed that 56% of people surveyed said they would consider voting in favor of a referendum on the question of whether or not to join.

However, according to the CEPST, the answer would depend on how the country was governed and how it manages its economy.

Forbes also found evidence that Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and his government have been under considerable pressure to act.

Despite the government’s insistence that the referendum on joining the EU should be held in 2019, a poll last month found that 54% of respondents wanted the government to delay the vote.

In the meantime, Italy is embroiled in a major recession, with unemployment hovering around 13% and inflation rising.

According to Forbes, Renzi’s government has spent $15 billion on an aggressive plan to overhaul the countrys economic model.

He wants to privatize the state-owned bank Monte dei Paschi di Siena and sell off large chunks of state-run companies.

He also wants to allow private businesses to be allowed to set their own prices and to establish their own tax bases.

The news of the CEPRi survey comes at a time when the EU is gearing up for an unprecedented economic downturn in 2020.

The EU is due to adopt its new austerity measures at the end, and it will be very difficult for the 28-nation bloc to meet its targets.

The IMF has warned that the EU could see an unprecedented slowdown in the economy in 2020, with growth dropping to just 2% by 2021.

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