Ai Draws A Huge ‘Chatbot’ With Over $4.3M in Revenue, Gets Into ‘Gaming’ News

Ai Draw is an app that lets you create and share art online with AI, and it got a $4 million funding round from Sequoia Capital earlier this year.

The company recently announced it had received $1.7 million from Sequel, which is the same Sequoias previous round of funding.

Its founder and CEO, Jia Liu, also worked for Twitter and Microsoft, but this is the first time he has focused on an online platform.

According to The Hill, Ai Draws got a lot of attention when it was featured in The Wall Street Journal in February.

It got a huge amount of attention for its bot-like interface, and also for its ability to generate and share images in real time.

“AI Draw has been designed to help us build a bot-friendly app,” Liu told the WSJ at the time.

The app was able to make a ton of money, with Ai drawing a total of $4,955,927 in revenue, according to the Wall Street Newswire. “

Art galleries are an opportunity for us to get a sense of our users’ experiences.”

The app was able to make a ton of money, with Ai drawing a total of $4,955,927 in revenue, according to the Wall Street Newswire.

And that’s with the help of a single API, which was used to allow for a ton more features than it initially had.

AI Draw uses its API to manage all of the assets on the site, including the art gallery itself.

It then creates a “bot,” or a virtual assistant, that can respond to user requests and provide updates about how the gallery is going.

After receiving the $1 million funding, Ai drew a new logo and began selling art on its site, which now has over 600,000 subscribers.

The company is also planning to open a new “Art Lab” in Shanghai, where it will also start offering a more curated experience for the public.

You can learn more about Ai Draw and the rest of its work at its website.

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