Which Australian team will win the NRL grand final?

The AFL has announced it will make a major announcement on Sunday about its premiership teams.

The AFL is in the process of confirming the top four teams for next year’s Grand Final and will announce their respective premiers in a press conference at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Sunday.

The announcement is likely to be the most high-profile yet about the future of the AFL.

The top four are expected to be revealed by the end of the week, and could be confirmed as early as next week.

However, there is no guarantee the announcement will be made public on Sunday or even that the announcement won’t be made publicly before then.

The two biggest NRL teams will be playing at the MCG next week and the AFL is expected to announce its two remaining teams.

If the AFL announces its two premiers as early next week, the other premiers will be revealed at the same time.

The decision to announce premiers on Sunday could be made as early a week as next Monday, when the AFL will announce its three remaining teams for the 2017 season.

The other two teams will also be announced at the announcement.

The NRL will announce the remaining four teams, which will be announced on Monday.

The remaining premiers from next year will be confirmed at the AFL announcement.

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