NHL players react to ai generator

Aiyana Stanley-Smith, a 19-year-old rookie, was among the first players in the NHL to generate ai face data in their pre-game play.

Aiyanas facial structure was a big surprise for the team when he was introduced to the new face generator.


pic.twitter.com/XJjT7vDy8d — Toronto Maple Leafs (@Canucks) November 17, 2018Aiiiiiinnaaaa.

Stanley-Simmons’ face data was then compared with a group of players who had been trained for an hour prior to the game and the results were even more revealing.

The team is now taking Aiyanna’s facial structure into account in future games.

“The thing I think people are most excited about is that we’re not looking at a lot of other data,” said Aiyannas coach, Alexei Marchenko.

“We’re not doing face-tracking and all of that, we’re looking at the pre-match data, and then looking at what he’s going to do in the game.

The other thing I like is that if he does something that he should not, it’s not really a problem.”

Stanley-Sims facial structure is also a huge part of his game, but the team is working to refine its algorithms in order to avoid bias.

“There are so many variables that go into it,” said Marchenko, “but if we can reduce those variables, that will help us improve our algorithm.”

The Maple Leafs are now working with a team of AI experts in the United States and Europe to further refine their face-matching algorithms.

In the coming months, the team hopes to create algorithms that can automatically match players against their face, a task that will require a lot more data and will take a lot longer to complete.

Stanley and Aiyanni have both been working on their own AI technology, dubbed “Face Ai” and are now hoping to share their research in the future.

“I hope we can share it with the NHL guys, we hope to share it in the NBA, I hope to talk to the NHL,” Stanley said.

“But it’s really hard to get to a point where we’re doing the whole game.

I’m happy to see how it works.””

So it’s going really well.

I’m happy to see how it works.”

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