Which is better: ai or ai singularity?

Ai and ai-specific software can also offer new functionality, such as the ability to see how far away objects are, or to track the location of nearby people.

The latest versions of these apps, however, are not yet compatible with Windows 10’s built-in AI features.

They also do not include the Microsoft AI assistant, which can offer useful insights to customers.

A third AI-specific app, Microsoft Cognitive Services, is available only for some devices and requires a subscription to access.

But the company says it is now shipping the Cognitive Services API to its customers, which should help them get the latest versions on new devices.

A new AI-focused version of Cortana, released on Thursday, adds a new feature: Cortana Now.

The app now includes an option to “cull” your calendar to get a specific day for the upcoming week.

Cortana Now also lets you track the time of day, and even offer reminders.

The Cortana Now feature can be used with a wide range of third-party calendar apps, from Google Now to Apple’s Calendar.

But Microsoft says it will also make it easier for third-parties to integrate Cortana Now into their own products.

The company says the Cortana Now API can be accessed by third- parties with third- party API tools, such the Cortana SDK, which is included in the Windows 10 Creators Update.

Microsoft says this feature will also be added to Windows Phone 8.1.

For more, read our explainer on how the Cortana API works and how you can use it.

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