Aussie pony aisles get the pony treatment

Posted October 07, 2018 16:32:03Australian ponies have been a regular fixture in Australia’s holiday shopping scene for more than two decades.

But the new arrivals have made an unexpected return this year with the arrival of a brand new breed of ponies at some of Australia’s biggest department stores.

Marett the Australian pony has been making his first appearance at The Australian and New Zealand Post in Sydney, while Aussie Pony Adventures has been busy stocking up on new arrivals including the blue eyed mare known as the Ponies Aussie.

Mares owner David Gee said he was thrilled to see the breed make its comeback.

“I’m not a big fan of the pink colour of the Australian mare and I’m not really a fan of pink in general,” he said.

“But the blue-eyed mare I really like.”

Marettes have a long and colourful history with the Australian community, and have been seen at Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties, and even at the annual Australian and British Powwow.

“Mares have been around for a long time and have a big following in Australia,” Mr Gee explained.

“They’re a bit of a novelty breed and we’ve been seeing them in our shops for a while.”

He said the new breed was not just a cute novelty breed but also a reliable source of supply for Australian customers.

“The pony is the best pony in the world and it’s a good mix of a pony and a mare,” he explained.

“They do the work, and the mare does the work.”

The mare’s success was also evident in the sale of the first two Mares Aussie ponies to the Australian government.

Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull, who was a big Mares fan when he was young, was quoted as saying he had been inspired to make the new mare available to the public.

Mr Gee also said the arrival in Australia of the blue and white mare, the first to appear in Australia since the arrival more than 20 years ago, was a huge boost to the country’s tourism industry.

“When we first started making them they were all imported,” he laughed.

“Now we’re getting more people coming to the markets, and there’s a lot of interest in them.”

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