When The Big Bang Theory was a TV show, ai text generator was its best friend

When the Big Bang theory first premiered in 2007, its creator, Alyssa Milano, was the first person to create a text-generator for a TV program.

But her program was not the first to use text to convey information.

Text generators have been around for years, but Alyssas success was that it wasn’t about text as much as about the use of images, and the use and understanding of the power of text.

Alyssam’s work has helped to push text to a new level of efficiency and comprehensibility, and is now being embraced by the entertainment industry.

But even in the entertainment field, where text is often used to convey emotion, text generators are still not without their detractors.

They’re often used by people who don’t have the same level of literacy as we do.

To understand the problems, I spoke with ai writer and creator Alyssah Milano about how she thinks she was able to build a text generator that helped people with dyslexia understand and understand their world.

The Big Book of Text, A Creative Text Generator

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