Ai Student Portal: ‘I’d love to go to a place where there’s no racism’

The Ai Student Portal is a website for young people looking to pursue a career in the arts, humanities and social sciences.

It is a forum for discussion about art, education, technology and technology related topics, including the arts.

But the forum also features a “bronze badge” and a “black badge” for black people.

The “black” badge can be found at

The bronze badge is for students of color, and the “black”, which is for white people, is for all people.

“The white badge is used by students of colour in order to avoid the white people who have access to the forum being called out for racism,” said ai school spokesperson.

But a recent article by The Sydney Morning Herald revealed the forum is a scam.

A young man from Australia, who goes by the name of Rami, wrote a blog post about his experience in the forum.

Rami said he had applied to the Ai School in the past, but that they did not have enough resources to accommodate his application.

Ramey’s application for the site was accepted.

“They said, ‘No problem.

We’ll get you a job at the Ai Student Center.’

Well, you’ll need to apply to another job.’ “

So, I was like, ‘OK.

Well, you’ll need to apply to another job.’

And so I applied to another position.”

Rami’s story is just one of many examples of racism in Australia.

He told The Australian newspaper that he is not a racist, but believes there is a culture of “whiteness” in Australia that leads to racism.

“I have black friends and white friends and Asian friends and Chinese friends and Filipinos and Filipino-American friends,” Rami told The ABC.

“And they’re all the same.

They’re all doing the same things.

They all look like me, and they’re just all doing different things.”

Rameys application for Ai School, which has more than 100 members, was accepted, and Rami was offered a job as a teacher at the school.

But Rami says the experience made him question his ability to work in the field of art.

“In Australia, there is this idea that the arts are white people’s art,” Rameies father, Rami Nasser, told ABC Radio National.

“So what I think is happening is that artists are being trained and encouraged to do things that they’re not used to doing in the traditional arts.”

The white badge for white students is an example of a racialized badge.

The blue badge for students from non-white backgrounds is another.

And the white, black and red badges for people of colour are another.

“It’s a bit strange that in Australia, we have a white badge, but then we have people in the black and brown and blue badges and we’re not allowed to have any other symbols,” Rama said.

“There are other ways of identifying that we don’t have.”

The Ai School is not the only forum for students in Australia to discuss race.

The Australian Youth Centre for Education and Training, or AYCET, is another forum for people from disadvantaged backgrounds to share their knowledge and experiences.

AYCAT founder Michael Pallas said he wanted to create a space for people who were “not able to access that” and create a place to “celebrate the diversity that we all share”.

“AYCET is a space where people from all walks of life can come together to create the next generation of Australia’s next generation,” he said.

Rama Nasser says that is why he created Ai School.

“My parents were not happy about that, but my parents were also not happy that we could have a forum, because it was a way to connect them with people who had a different experience and they could share their stories,” Raman said.

He said the Ai student portal is similar to that, with a forum where “the topics of discussion and discussion is about how to be an artist and how to relate to other artists”.

“The forum itself is a community, so the forum isn’t about the person who wrote the posts, it’s about the community,” he added.

“What I hope is that the forums that exist will continue to have a voice and will have a role to play in building a more diverse society and in building more community.”

The Ai School was founded by an international team of more than 40 artists from more than 20 countries, including New Zealand, China, South Africa, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia.

Its website describes its mission as “to encourage and support artists from all over the world to explore their artistic talents”.

“We also support students, faculty, staff and students from disadvantaged communities and communities of colour,” it says.

A spokesperson for the Ai school told ABC

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