AIM is looking for a hot babe to marry, not a model





I AM AIM and this is the brand I want to marry.

I want a cute, adorable, hot, fun-loving, outgoing girl who I can be with, be my friend with and who will give me a thrill every time we have a date, a laugh, or a shared dinner date.

We can get along just fine.

I am looking for someone who will be my model.

I’m not looking for something else, though.

I just want someone who can bring me happiness.

A model’s job is to bring you pleasure.

I have to give myself enough time to do what I want, so I can spend time with you.

I need to know that you love me.

A Model’s Role I want someone to be in my life and make me feel good about myself.

A girl has to be fun to be with.

I don’t want to feel like a failure because she doesn’t want me to love her.

I like to feel safe and loved.

I can make fun of myself.

I won’t try to please you, but I can’t pretend I don ‘t want you to be happy.

A Models Role I will always give myself permission to do whatever I want.

If I want sex, I will say no.

If not, I won ‘t.

If you want to have sex, you have to ask me first.

If it ‘s uncomfortable, I’m going to take care of it.

A few other roles, such as cooking, cleaning, or babysitting, are also available.

I also want someone that can teach me how to be a good companion.

A man who knows how to cook, clean, and do all of these things can be my best friend.

A Good Match For Me I’m a 28-year-old, full-time college student, and I work in a food service business in New York City.

I love the outdoors and love to explore new places and things.

My ideal girlfriend is a sweet, caring, funny, independent, fun, adventurous, outgoing person who I like being with all the time.

A hot babe who loves me will have the ability to talk to me about everything from cooking to fashion to politics to my own personal life.

She’ll have a deep sense of humor and a willingness to learn new things about myself and about myself, which is very helpful in a relationship.

I ‘d like to have someone who is very active in her community, who wants to be an ambassador for her country and world, who loves her friends and family, who is a good listener and a great cook.

She should be someone who loves to travel and loves to be active, who has a passion for hiking, cycling, swimming, and kayaking, and who enjoys the outdoors.

If she’s not a typical “model,” she should be an enthusiastic outdoorsy person who enjoys traveling and having fun.

I will love her from the inside out.

A lot of hot guys are looking for an adventurous, creative, and fun girl.

I’ve been looking for the perfect girl to marry for almost two years now.

There are a lot of attractive girls out there, and if I’m ever paired up with one of them, I’ll be very happy.

So I’m looking for one who is going to be willing to get to know me and really understand who I am and who I want from a relationship, and to love me, not just because I’m cute and I have a great body, but because I am really, really happy and want to spend time together.

If we are together, I am going to give her the freedom to do as she pleases and to be as she wants to.

I know it can be challenging to find someone who likes me unconditionally, but if I find a really hot, beautiful, fun girl who is willing to open up about her struggles and make mistakes and to make me happy, I want that person to be my wife.

A Hot Girl for Me It ‘s not just about looking good in pictures.

It ‘ s about being able to communicate and connect with people and understand the world and the world of work and family.

I must be able to do all those things in order to have a good relationship.

That ‘s where the fun starts.

It will be a challenge to find a hot model who will not only be able, but love to be around me and me around her.

And it will be very important that we both feel comfortable with each other.

I look forward to working with a girl who will embrace her own struggles and find a way to work with me to make our relationship work.

A special thanks to all the people I have met on my quest to find an AIM girl, and for the time and effort they have given me during my search. I wish

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