Ais insurance for sushi and yazawas?

Ais has launched a new product called ‘Sushi and Yazawa’ to offer insurance for Japanese sushi and other sushi restaurants.

The Japanese restaurant group has teamed up with Japanese insurance company ais to offer a range of insurance packages that are available for sushi restaurants in Australia.

Sushi restaurants are known to be among the most vulnerable to the spread of food-borne illness, and there are a number of health concerns around them.

Ais, which has a presence in Australia, has developed a range with its ‘Suit-Insurance’ and ‘Ski-Insure’ insurance products.

Ais said in a statement that it has launched its ‘sushi and yazzawas’ insurance to provide insurance to Japanese sushi restaurants who need it, but will also offer insurance to anyone who chooses to use it.

“Sushi can be a very busy, high-stress business, and as you would expect, it’s often hard for the customer to know where they stand on their insurance, so we are developing a new insurance offering for sushi to help them navigate this situation,” ais chief executive officer Mark Hatton said.

He said there was no risk to customers of ordering food from the restaurant, and the insurance would only cover “insurance against food-related damage and liability” and not the risk of the restaurant being forced to close.

“The benefits of ais sushi insurance are that we can offer our customers insurance for their own risk, which will help them to stay safe and stay happy,” Mr Hatton added.

Mr Hatton says the new insurance products have been developed to help sushi restaurants cope with the increased scrutiny around the spread.

“Soups are always in high demand, especially when it comes to Japanese food, so it’s vital to offer the right insurance product to ensure that the restaurant remains safe and meets the high expectations of diners,” Mr Satton said, adding that Ais had been a pioneer in offering insurance for Australian food restaurants.

“This is the first time we have developed insurance to offer food-based insurance, and we’ve worked with a number different insurance providers around the world.”‘

Sushi is the most popular restaurant in the world’In Australia, sushi restaurants are often the focus of social media attention and controversy, with some criticising the industry for its high-costs.

“There’s a lot of controversy around the sushi industry, so the focus is on that,” Mr Mokdad said.

“In the United States and Japan, we have a number other Japanese sushi brands who are trying to get into the market, and that’s what Ais is trying to do here, so that sushi restaurants will have a level playing field.”

“We are in talks with a few of them to help expand our coverage,” Mr Kato added.

“We’re looking at other insurance providers in Australia to see if we can expand our insurance coverage as well.”

“Our aim is to make sushi more affordable and accessible for all, so sushi restaurants can stay open, and our focus is to help all of us enjoy sushi and enjoy a great meal,” Mr Noda said.

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