Our Features

We have many features, which helps us stand out of the race. We use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to make GST UTSAV easy for you. It tries to learn your habits and behaves according to it. Are you tired of doing the same thing again & again in other accounting software? We are here to help you with that.



GST UTSAV is fully customizable, it can automatically update according to your needs.


We provide two-step verification, to keep your account secure.

Multi Device Support

GST UTSAV is also available on Play Store. The app also works offline and can sync with the web account.


You can directly print Cheques and Envelopes from GST UTSAV

Quick Software Overview

GST UTSAV provides a very clean UI, you can create invoices, receipts, quotations, expenses in seconds. While you spent hours doing the same thing in other accounting software.

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You can contact us by mobile, email.

Answer & Question

Some Frequently asked questions


No, you can understand GST UTSAV within an hour. You don't need to be trained for couple of days.

You can even work offline from our Mobile App. Just install it and you can start working offline.

And your data will be synced to the web one, so you will be having same data on web and mobile.

Just register your email & password, then we will ask you for some details and you are done